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Exceptional Employees Have Emotional Intelligence

Exceptional Employees Have Emotional Intelligence


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Our service our signature –

Our service our signature

Today i was thinking through the occurences of the day and put so much thought to the many signatures that i do sign as part of procedure and identification.All that i handled can easily be traced backed to me,it is a small artwork that holds me accountable.I was thinking through to what extent a signature can be,not necessarily some initials or signing done with a pen,it is definitely more than that.With time i have identified service as a form of signature and it can only be verified through customer experience be it in a kiosk,drug store or a food court.It defines who we are,our accountability and what we have purposed and authorized to offer.When we forget to put down our signatures right we always have an option to update to our current which should also happen to our service.We can always update our service to equate to better customer experience/customer satisfaction.


This month  is customer service month and the theme is Trust.It is a cliche to repeat that relationships are build on trust.My focus this month is on the sustainability of the already build trust and how to get right first time in creating trust in new relationships.Only this can build our brands and make us relevant in our society.we all need to tighten our ropes on trust in order to create and grow our relationships.Keep the trust honor your promises!

Raising the bar on expectations.

Source: Raising the bar on expectations.

Raising the bar on expectations.

Recently after the ban of plastic bags in the kenyan market i have made visits to my usual places of shopping and trust me i am feeling uneasy and at times even do  away with some shopping and impulse buying just because i will factor in the cost of a shopping bag that am forced to budget for everyday.Nowadays i have to think of the size of the bag first so that i factor the cost in my budget because not at all times do the bags that i have in the house match the size of the shopping for that day.Simply,especially for the supermarkets what extra service can they offer to customers to meet and exceed their excpectations on packaging?Shopping is no longer fun as before.Is it?let us keep our environment clean but also raise our standards on packaging.For now let me pack my shopping bag for tommorow’s usage.Pack YOURS!!!


Self assessment

Sipping a cup of hot chocolate as i think through the occurences for the day and ofcourse what  i remember quickly is what happened that was very off or very superb or outstanding.It inspires me as i get to a very personal level and think of maybe how i offered a service whether i could have done it better and also assess the customer satisfaction.There is always a room for improvement even where i feel i did my best.What if we all cultivated this habit of assessing ourselves,accepting each day that we can all raise our bars higher?#personal assessment#branding

Tearing up the old models of doing business.

Many business people and keen customers who are bothered to know what is happening in the business market will attest to you that old business models have already been wiped out in our generation.Walking to an organization to get information from our managers is no longer in our to do list,tolerating poor service just because it has been a trend in the 90s and several other hitches in the course of doing business has already been bypassed by evolvements and developments taking place especially on matters of technology.Customers will look for information online,compare and also when things are not done right they will flood their complaints and concerns via social media in order to be heard.Things have to be done differently in order to get different results.Let us all join our hands in all of our economy sectors and pocket our old models.#awesomekoigu#customersatisfaction.

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