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Self assessment

Sipping a cup of hot chocolate as i think through the occurences for the day and ofcourse what  i remember quickly is what happened that was very off or very superb or outstanding.It inspires me as i get to a very personal level and think of maybe how i offered a service whether i could have done it better and also assess the customer satisfaction.There is always a room for improvement even where i feel i did my best.What if we all cultivated this habit of assessing ourselves,accepting each day that we can all raise our bars higher?#personal assessment#branding

Tearing up the old models of doing business.

Many business people and keen customers who are bothered to know what is happening in the business market will attest to you that old business models have already been wiped out in our generation.Walking to an organization to get information from our managers is no longer in our to do list,tolerating poor service just because it has been a trend in the 90s and several other hitches in the course of doing business has already been bypassed by evolvements and developments taking place especially on matters of technology.Customers will look for information online,compare and also when things are not done right they will flood their complaints and concerns via social media in order to be heard.Things have to be done differently in order to get different results.Let us all join our hands in all of our economy sectors and pocket our old models.#awesomekoigu#customersatisfaction.

Good deeds,warm spirit

It is calming when you are in the mix of daily hustles like traffic,dust especially in this season and in every sort of idea to get an extra coin when you come across a situation that calls for your attention.Attention to put a smile on a loved one face,to tell them it is well,to appreciate them,to make them feel one of you and above all to radiate to them the love that is within you.Good deeds will always come back to us in in greater measures#Warmspirittotearsofjoy

Seasonal customer satisfaction.

As we usher in the new year with its bigger and better storehouses i would like  to remind us of extending the customer experience that we openly extended to everyone who came our way and required our services or buying our goods.Did we welcome them nicely just because we were all in the merry season And baskets had to be filled?create in your subconscious what you would love to see and experience in your everyday life#Createandbuildon

Controls on customers’ items irespective of their value

Last Sunday i walked into my favourite supermarket in my home town.I had carried some fruits that i had bought on my way there and had no choice than to leave them at the luggage counter.After i wa…

Source: Controls on customers’ items irespective of their value

Controls on customers’ items irespective of their value

Last Sunday i walked into my favourite supermarket in my home town.I had carried some fruits that i had bought on my way there and had no choice than to leave them at the luggage counter.After i was through with shopping i stepped out and forgot to pick my fruits but i was hopeful that i would pick them the following day after work.The following day i went to the luggage counter and asked for my fruits.The attendant informed me that all my fruits had been eaten by rats.I smiled and informed him that it was well with me though i could see doubts on his face.I wondered what if it was something valuable to a customer and incase of left out valuables on such counters are there controls to ensure that they are safe and well kept even if at times there  are cautions of leaving luggage in such areas at own risk?Non revenue generating areas also need quality controls for the welfare of customers. ( a random thought)

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Problem solving skills yields progress and purpose

How do you feel when a customer approaches you with an issue that involves your department yet you have no clue of how to resolve it?The way you address it from the beginning and customer management skills  employed  before any resolution is given, contributes to our growth to resolve issues calmly and effectively and with an assurance to the customers that something can be done.Being good at it reduces complaints and is also a growth catalyst to both individuals and brand.We may not have solutions to all complaints but how we handle them will determine our customers experience with us.Employ the skills,grow and you will achieve your purpose.

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Source: Frustration👉inspiration


By being optimistic most of you will agree with me that in our everyday business life,customers frustrations in most cases normally gives us opportunities to create new and better ways to serve them as well as polishing us up to improve on products/service delivery.Taking care of customers’ concerns and being inspired by their experiences and desires can only help us to outweigh their frustrations and inspire us to be better.The turn around of the involved duo feelings can dictate the lifeline of our businesses,relevance and financial performance.Be inspired,their feelings our business!!

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