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September 2015

diversity and inclusion

What if we all embraced customer satisfaction rather than the gains we can make in our products and services across all industries?


Dual blossom of hearts

Today in my line of duty my first customer as we opened our doors  was expectantly waiting to be sorted on an issue which she thought would  involve a lot of documentation and her time. She had even taken a day off her work as she explained. I sorted her out in 5 minutes record time. After confirmation that all was okay, I could see tears of joy which she struggled to hold. She simply and humbly said to me, “Eunice thank you, God bless you” she emphasized it with a nod. I felt humbled and looked forward to serve my next customer. Our hearts blossomed in this 5 minutes relationship. Am sure she will be back!!!

Awesome Koigu

Sunday things



A million dollar smile can fetch much for you, even where you din’t deserve. That feeling…..

Awesome Koigu

portfolio analysis

Trust me I ain’t thinking of the theoretical one small additions and own creation of friends,skills and wealth. The feel…. all awesome!

Little effort

Was looking for a product in some cosmetic shop. Did not get the exact brand i was looking for but the marketing executive in charge went ahead to explain the features of the other si
milar brand. He convinced  me and I ended
up buying. Handling our customers right  can be an opportunity to onboard them to new products and services. Kudos to him the feeling was right.

Awesome Koigu

The feel…

Awesome Koigu


My page is about a show of feeling after getting good service and that right product! Let’s go!!!

Awesome Koigu

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