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December 2015

Right and timely information

Source: Right and timely information


Right and timely information

Before i break for the festive season i choose to celebrate one of the matatu saccos in my hometown.They have gone out of their way to create more customer satisfaction by ensuring that they send  texts  to customers receiving  parcels informing them that the parcels have been sent through their service platform and the customers are also informed through text on arrival of their parcels at the intended destinations.I celebrate their effort and we can all in our unique ways drive customer experience and satisfaction higher in the new year.Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Awesome Koigu

Attitude in service

In my pursuit to rebrand my looks  and do away with my dreadlocks i walked into the newest salon in nyeri town and after requesting for service the lady  who welcomed on touching my hair told me that the dreads could not be undone a likely suggestion that i would have to cut my hair.I decided to leave and look for another salon which i had never visited.I found a lady who was ready to offer service and convinced me that it was going to be easy.Within two hours my dreadlocks were undone and i had another more natural look.I am grateful to Mary who made my hair at Chesheen hair salon in Nyeri.We both left the salon at 10pm,it was my first time there and am visiting soon.A can do attitude unlocks a world of opportunities.Good service,happy customer.

Awesome Koigu

Getting it right in service

Source: Getting it right in service

Dynamism in customer business relationship


Customers and organizations have gone  a notch higher in their interpersonal relationship and making sure there is more beyond a transactional relationship. Apart from a few left out most of our organizations have social media accounts on which they can easily tap the emotions ,desires and intents of their customers. Social media platforms are avenues of having daily interactions that creates a symbiotic relationship on which operational efficiency is better achieved  through enhanced customer experience which in turn has a great impact on revenue generation. If the interactions are embraced and good analysis done on them, the two parties will understand each other intents and as well  support each others growth. Social media platforms should create a better customer experience.

Extra mile beyond our roles

Today i walked into a supermarket to buy a specific item one of which one size had a price tag on it but the next size did not have one.i sought help from the attendants who were not even bothered but one was keen and he went out of his way to enquire on another floor.i had already given up and had decided to buy the item with a price tag.As the cashier scanned the barcode and the price reflected the keen attendant arrived with the other item with a price tag on it.I prefered what he brought but the cashier was unhappy because she had to delete that entry which meant she had to look for her supervisor to input the password.She was clicking her mouth all through.I was not in a hurry to observe her approach to resolve the issue.To make matters worse she opted to serve the next customer in line after the code was deleted and i asked why.She clearly said that the customer was in a hurry yet we were two of us in the queue.I patiently waited for my next turn again.I was keen to let her know that it is important to go out of
her way and curb such a problem by giving feedback to the department dealing with price tags,it will in turn make work easier and those of other cashiers and improve on their turn around time.

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