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January 2016

Problem solving skills yields progress and purpose

How do you feel when a customer approaches you with an issue that involves your department yet you have no clue of how to resolve it?The way you address it from the beginning and customer management skillsĀ  employedĀ  before any resolution is given, contributes to our growth to resolve issues calmly and effectively and with an assurance to the customers that something can be done.Being good at it reduces complaints and is also a growth catalyst to both individuals and brand.We may not have solutions to all complaints but how we handle them will determine our customers experience with us.Employ the skills,grow and you will achieve your purpose.

Awesome Koigu



Source: FrustrationšŸ‘‰inspiration


By being optimistic most of you will agree with me that in our everyday business life,customers frustrations in most cases normally gives us opportunities to create new and better ways to serve them as well as polishing us up to improve on products/service delivery.Taking care of customers’ concerns and being inspired by their experiences and desires can only help us to outweigh their frustrations and inspire us to be better.The turn around of the involved duo feelings can dictate the lifeline of our businesses,relevance and financial performance.Be inspired,their feelings our business!!

Awesome Koigu

Service and ettiquete

Popped in one of the private hospitals in Nyeri town around 7.20pm.Felt sorry for a nurse who stepped in late to be on duty.Did i have to know why she came in late and the reason?The supervisor could have settled that issue in a more private area.Internal issues should always be solved away from the customers.Service manners!!

Awesome Koigu

New year

Standardisation in service and products will define our brands better than before.New year calls for exemplary service and standardised products.Happy new year.

Awesome Koigu

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