Last Sunday i walked into my favourite supermarket in my home town.I had carried some fruits that i had bought on my way there and had no choice than to leave them at the luggage counter.After i was through with shopping i stepped out and forgot to pick my fruits but i was hopeful that i would pick them the following day after work.The following day i went to the luggage counter and asked for my fruits.The attendant informed me that all my fruits had been eaten by rats.I smiled and informed him that it was well with me though i could see doubts on his face.I wondered what if it was something valuable to a customer and incase of left out valuables on such counters are there controls to ensure that they are safe and well kept even if at times there  are cautions of leaving luggage in such areas at own risk?Non revenue generating areas also need quality controls for the welfare of customers. ( a random thought)

Awesome Koigu